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Prevent your Adsense account from getting disabled

Prevent Your Adsense Account From Getting Disabled

Many people tell me daily that their Adsense account disabled. Disabling of AdSense account nowadays has become a big problem for bloggers. This is because most bloggers do not have accurate knowledge of AdSense policies. In such a situation, they make a mistake and their account gets a ban by the Adsense team. In this post, we will tell you what you should not do with your account. if you follow this information then you can prevent your AdSense account from getting disabled.

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Invalid Clicks-

If you or anybody else does invalid clicks on your ads then Adsense will ban your account. Just like if you or your friends, click on your own ads or an enemy click on your ads too many times, then all of these clicks are counted as invalid clicks. If you try to click from different IP Addresses or ask anyone to click on your ads then google will detect you. If anybody does to many clicks on your ads, it also will be counted as invalid clicks. In such a situation google will definitely ban your account.

Encouraging clicks or views-

If you encourage your visitors to click on ads in any way, it is against Adsense program policies. Providing rewards to the user on click, or using such phrases – ‘click on Ads’, ‘support us’, ‘click this link’ is not allowed. These are against the AdSense program policies. Ads with clickable links are not allowed to be placed. Use of labels with ads like – ‘Favorite Sites’, ‘Today’s top offers’ or ‘offers’ are not allowed. If you wish, you can use ‘sponsored sites’ or ‘ad’ label. In any of these ways if you attract or encourage users to click on ads, then this is against AdSense program policies. And your account may be disabled in this situation.

Invalid ad placement-

If you have not placed ads in a proper way then your account will definitely be disabled . You can not place too many ads on any page. This degrades your user experience. In this situation, your Adsense account will be disabled and your website’s ranking will also be down.

Here are some examples of invalid ad placement where you can not place ads-

  1. On scrapped or no content page.
  2. On ‘thank you’, ‘login’, ‘signup’, or any ‘error page’.
  3. You can not use any dynamic page like chats or messaging page.
  4. in any software. It can only be used on web pages.
  5. you can not open ads in a new window or tab manually.
  6. in pop-up or pop-under windows.
  7. You can not use any other site’s code on your web site or your code on any other website.

Invalid content-

If your website has invalid content like Adult Content, Gambling Related content, Copied Content or any other content like this, it is against Adsense policies. In this situation, your account will be strictly disabled. All these things will have a bad effect on your site’s ranking.

Invalid traffic and impression-

If you send invalid traffic to your website then your account may be disabled. You can not use techniques like traffic bots or any other like this. You can not send ads via emails, messages or direct to anybody.


Ads ( Authorized seller inventory ) or ads.txt file is Necessary for your website. Ads.txt file gives all the information to Google about the ads being displayed on your website. If you have not uploaded your ad.txt file to your website then your site may stop showing ads and your account may also be disabled.

COPPA ( Children Online Privacy Protection Act )-

If your site violates COPPA ( Children Online Privacy Protection Act ), your AdSense account will be disabled. In this situation, your website may have a bad effect. This act is designed for the privacy protection of children ( 13-year or less than ) working on the internet.

Other Contextual Ads-

Apart from Google, if you are using ads from any other contextual advertising company, then your AdSense account may be disabled. This is the best way for you to use the only Adsense if you are using it.

Bad Links-

If you are linking to an illegal, adult or any other site like this, then your account may be disabled. This Will also have a bad effect on the ranking of your site.

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Ad Code Alteration-

Editing ad code in any way is against Adsense Program Policies. If you do this then it will definitely make your account disable. Example- zooming, changing the format, changing an image, etc is not allowed.

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Nowadays, many people ignore the AdSense program policies, which disables their account. This also leads to the loss of hard-earned money. To protect your account disabling, you should work in keeping Adsense policies in mind. Following these tips, your account will never be disabled and there will be no other problem with your Adsense account.

I hope you got the Solution of all problems related to Adsense. If you have any questions related to this post, you can ask in the comment or contact us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information through your precious time.

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