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How To Build Email List For Best Email Marketing?

how to build email list

In this era of Digital Marketing, the email extractors tool has become the oldest means of building an email list. It is still the best way to build an email list. once you have good email extractor software, you are good to go. But in the modern-day internet marketing industry, a lot has really changed about the way an email list is built. Aside from the use of software and other tools, there are still methods an average marketer can easily use to build an email list. That serves the best marketing campaign.

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Here I have shared the top 5 methods of building an email list for the best market campaign and email marketing.

1. Telemarketing

This method is not popular though but very effective. Your employees must have been receiving a lot of phone calls from customers lately, you just have to instruct them to ask the clients to drop their functional email addresses at the end of the conversation. But they must explain to them the benefits of joining the email list, which may be to have the chance to participate in the company’s exclusive offers or give-always.

2. Create an Opt-ins

You have to create an opt-in option on your website where visitors especially those who are visiting for the first time to sign-up with their emails. Optimize that opt-ins on the popular pages on the website especially where the popular products are displayed.

3. Use the Social Media 

Social media gives you the opportunity to meet new audiences as well as make new customers using social media marketing. This one of the best methods of Digital Marketing. This is achievable by staying abreast of those trending topics on social media, write about them. By these methods, we encourage people to visit your blog using the link. So that particular trending topic, you wrote on the blog, but that will be after they must have signed up on the email list.

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4. Create a Personalized CTA

According to Hubspot® “a personalized Call-to-Action (CTA) ports have a 42% higher view-to-submission than CTA that has the same post for every visitor. This means that people who visit a blog for specific information or product has a higher possibility of subscribing to an email list than those who visit on a random choice. Personalized CTA will only work if you have the ability and resources to come up with that quality post. That will be relative enough to make your readers subscribe to your email list to enable them to get more information on that particular topic.

5. Use Pop-ups

Try creating a pop-up on your site that will encourage visitors to subscribe to the email list. If we say a pop-up not necessarily the type of pop-up that is completely different from the written post. But the one that has a similarity with the written post. E.g you cannot create a post about an email extractor while your pop-up says “do you want to be the next model ?”. such is completely out of it.

Finally, every digital marketer must make sure that while applying the pop-up method, they do not include it in any of their product sales pages. Doing so might interrupt the customer’s purchasing process.

To build an email list using any of the subscription methods, you must create interesting content. Interesting content is enough to make the visitor want to click or come to the page in the first place. And for those who prefer using the email extractor, we will advise you to try out the Web Email Extractor tool. It is an online base email extractor. This has been helping businesses make sales over the years. Good luck with the listed methods!


Email lists are one of the best methods to get customers. So, if you are not building an email list then start making it now. If you have any questions about Email Marketing, you can ask in the comment.

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