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best blogging niches

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Are you thinking to start your own blog?

Great! Blogging has become one of the sources of income for lots of people these days, be it a professional who works at a full-time job and want to earn an extra income or like the moms who stay at home and looking for a way to make some money.

So, once you have decided to start a blog, then the next big task is selecting the right niche that can help you earn the right amount of income. To make your task bit easy, I have mentioned below 6 best blogging niches that can help you to get more traffic to your blog.

1. Health

Health niche has a large number of searches everyday as most of the people search for various health tips, beauty tips, home remedies, etc.

If you have the expertise or good knowledge of this industry, then this is the best as you can talk about various topics that the readers are interested in.


 You can get traffic from all over the world as people search more for health and skin related articles to remain fit and beautiful in this busy lifestyle.


You have to be unique and provide practical ways as this niche has a huge competition.

2. Parenting

Every parent wants to give the best care to their infants or kids, but being new, they lack such knowledge and so find online different ways for the same.

If you are a mom and want to start this blog, then you can share your experience with the readers so they can get some idea from it and also can share some quality baby care products with them so that it becomes easy for them to purchase it.


You can earn a good income through affiliate marketing by selling the baby products on the blog.


You should be a mom to start this kind of blog as baby’s, or kids are sensitive, so any wrong advice can cause them harm.

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3. Lifestyle

This is the most popular type of blog as you can cover a large number of topics in it be it health, beauty, travel, finance, and many more. It totally depends on you to select your favorite topics for your blog.


You can write articles on vast topics.


It becomes a tedious task to write lengthy articles on every topic of different niche.

4. Travel

If you love to explore different countries and their culture as well or enjoy to go on an adventure trips, then this niche is the perfect fit for you as you can share your experiences with people who are planning for their trips and can also sell some products required on their trips


You can earn by affiliate marketing by doing a tie-up with the travel agents conducting trips to different locations.


Though your blog is genuine, at times, people get scared to purchase any service from the new vendors

5. Gadgets and Technologies

People these days are interested in the emerging technologies and so find about these daily. If you are a gadget geek, then you can opt for this niche as you can convey people more on any device or the technology.


As there is a frequent rollout of a new device or technology, you can get more exposure to the audience if your blog is helpful to them.


You may have to do a lot of research on each device or technology to stand out different from your competitors to gain more traffic.

6. Finance

Most of the job going people find various ways to invest their money to get their benefits in the future. So, if you are in the finance field and know more about it and help people out for finding the solutions, then you can select this niche.


You can get more traffic if you share helpful tips that are beneficial and affordable to people as per their budget.


You may get exposure to only those people who are looking for ways of investments.

I hope you found this article on best blogging niches helpful for you blogging career.


These are some of the best and trending blogging niches that you can choose to start your blogging career. You have any questions related to this post, you can ask in the comment or contact us.

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